France Government Goes for Gender-Neutral Toys Only

Should Toys Be Gender Neutral?

Dolls for girls and cars for boys, France gets rid of it. The toys become “gender-neutral”. Toy shops, advertisingThomas And Friends, Toy Train, Boy, Playing, Locomotive brochures are no longer allowed to divide boys ‘and girls’ toys. Els Consuegra, the educationalist at the VUB, thinks it is a good idea. The Saint is approaching. Soon there will be massive publicity for 13 Fun Toys for 4, 5 & 6 Month Old Babies Development in 2020, but often with a very stereotype, divided by gender: dolls or kitchens for girls, cars, or Lego for boys. No longer in France, because toys are now “gender-neutral”.

The French government has drawn up a charter together with toy manufacturers and shops to combat these stereotypes and prejudices. There can no longer be a division between boy and girl toys and the store staff can no longer ask the customer whether it is for a boy or a girl. The Netherlands is also putting the issue on the agenda.

“A good thing,” says Els Consuegra, an educationalist at the VUB, in the Radio 1 program New Facts. “There have long been signs in that direction, but few toy shops and manufacturers have left the strong gender stereotype market.” Consuegra does not think it is bad “to make a small move from the government.”

The French government has drawn up a charter together with toy manufacturers and shops to combat stereotypes and prejudices. The Netherlands is also calling on toy manufacturers to take a closer look at role-fixing toys. In our country, should gender stereotypes be made that throw the saints dolls and play kitchens down the chimney in girls and cars and Lego in boys?

In France, toy stores are now no longer allowed to divide boys ‘and girls’ toys, they are no longer allowed to advertise in brochures by gender, and shop staff may no longer be allowed to ask the customer ‘is it for a boy or a girl?’ Minister of Emancipation Ingrid van Engelshoven, these stereotypical role models – girls are caring, boys are adventurous – are not good.

Culture and Traditions

Child psychiatrist Karlien Dhondt (UGent) is already in favor of the French charter. However, she points out that research into what exactly determines the child’s individual toy choice is almost impossible.