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Website Upgrade

With this 'issue' of the website we are 'updating' our appearance. We start by reviving the masthead from our original 'Red Bulletin', published during the 1944-45 North Apennines campaign, somewhere between Florence and Bologna.

Other changes, including a review, correction, and updating of all our links to information elsewhere are taking place this winter and spring. We will also provide a greater distinction between the two Red Bull eras: then, 1917-1991, and naw, 1991-2014 and beyond. We'll also be developing a better archive facility for all unit histories and publications and interface for our current battalions, brigades, and states.

503 Combat days !

The current issue of our newsletter features two reports of your Red Bull's combat history: 500+ days in WW II North Africa and Italy, and 3 days in Do Ab, Nuristan Province, Afghanistan. Both stories will remain as permanent features in the history portals of our website.

Other Highlights ...

Mark your Calendars: our next Red Bull Reunion will be held October 4-5, 2014, again at the Stoney Creek Inn and Camp Dodge, both in Johnston IA.

The closure of our Tri-State Chapter, which was approved in principal at the 2012 reunion, was completed at this reunion. Their final treasury was adequate to allow all Tri-State members to be rolled into the National Association as Life Members. Yes, LIFE Members!

2013 Reunion Report

Colonel Steve Osborn, current G-3 of the Iowa National Guard was selected as the 2013-2014 President of our 34th Infantry Division Association at our October 10-11 reunion at the Snoney Creek Inn an Camp Dodge in Johnston IA

During the eleven years of the "War on Terror", we have had over 20,000 soldiers serve in the 34th Infantry Division in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as deployments for Noble Eagle support for homeland support in the U.S. Our 2014 Reunion will be a special "Welcome Home" for ALL these soldiers and their families.

Continued Honors - and Responsibilities - for our Ben Corell

Colonel Ben Corell proudly commanded our Red Bull 2nd Brigade Combat Team while it was deployed to Afghanistan from November 2010 to July 2011. He followed that by serving as your 34th Infantry Division Association President for our 2012-2013 year.

But last year the National Guard decided we could not simply keep him as our honored Ironman; Corell was given a new responsibility as Deputy Commanding General (Support) of the 34th Infantry Division in Rosemount MN. And in July 2013 he was given the rank commensurate with that responsibility. We are proud to tell all Red Bulls that Brigadier General Benjamin J. Corell was 'flagged' in a promotion ceremony by his commanders and family in a ceremony at Division Headquarters.

Your History: Bologna, 21 April 1945

The city of Bologna was liberated on the morning of 21 Apr 1945 by the 9th Bn, 3rd Bde, 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division, 2 Polish Corps coming northwest on the Via Emilia, closely followed by the 34th Infantry Division coming north on Route 65. The 34th Infantry Division elements and their commanders were:

 •  B Co, 752nd Tank Bn (attached): CPT Gayle Stockwell,
 •  Intelligence & Reconnaissance Pltn, 133rd Inf Regt: MSG Carl "Dutch" Snyder
 •  3rd Bn, 133rd Inf Regt: LTC Bruno Marchi

The Jeep on the left appears to be that used by MG Wladyslaw Anders, General Officer Commanding, 2 Polish Corps. The Jeep on the right belongs to 15th Army Group. The officer wearing a garrison cap looks like COL Alfred Bowman, then assuming duties as Regional Commissioner (Military Governor) for the Emilia-Romagna region with headquarters in Bologna. In that Jeep, standing, is a Red Bull officer.

Further reading:

 •  2 Polish Corps
 •  752nd Tank Bn

The National Guard is still waiting.

National Guard Ad
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"34th Division Regimental Lineages and Honors" (PDF file),
from US Army Center of Military History, 1953, extracted for us by Russ Bierl


1st Brigade Combat Team (Minnesota National Guard)

There were NO losses by the 1st Brigade Combat Team during its mission in Kuwait which officially ended 24 April 2012.

29 Nov 2011, 1st Brigade Combat Team
Kuwait: Minnesota Guard's CWO Daniel Mellon recalls two decades, two trips.

25 Nov 2011, 1/34th Brigade Special Troops Battalion:
SPC Garrett Nelson works with 1-94th Cav as a driver trainer in the drawdown.

14 Nov 2011, 1-194th Combined Arms Battalion:
Convoy Escort Security: Safeguarding the Iraq Drawdown.

12 Nov 2011, 134th Brigade Support Battalion:
Throw a Wrench at It !

11 Nov 2011, 134th Brigade Support Battalion:
National Guard units make room for exodus as Iraq drawdown nears.

10 Nov 2011, Iowa Public Television:
Iowa Soldiers, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, Remember Afghanistan. (29 min. TV feature)

2nd Brigade Combat Team (Iowa National Guard).

Over 200 reports of the 2nd BCT's 2010-2011 deployment are archived here on our website.

The report of our 2nd Brigade Combat Team losses while in Afghanistan is also maintained in a permanent archive of this website.

"May they have no more hills to climb,
nor cold, nor rain, nor mud, nor enemy fire,
and may they now rest in Peace."

We also want to share with you this 22 June 2011 New York Times story/tribute,
For Soldiers, Death Sees No Gender Lines", to SGT Devin Snyder and the
124th Military Police Company which was then under Ironman Battalion command.

Official Facebook Resources

Facebook of the 34th Infantry Division Association.
Facebook of the 34th Infantry Division.
Facebook of the 1st Brigade, 34th Infantry Division.
Facebook of the 2nd Brigade, 34th Infantry Division.
Facebook of the Minnesota National Guard.
Facebook of the Iowa National Guard.

Other Reports and Information Sources

The Red Bull Gift Shop at 34th Infantry Division HQ (Facebook)

"Lives During Wartime", New York Times, 10 Nov 2011: USAF CPT Peter N Shinn,
734th Agribusiness Development Team, writes about SGT Tessa Poppe.

The Red Bull Express: the official information publication of the 1st Brigade.

Units under command of the 1st Brigade Combat Team:

  • 1/34th Brigade Headquarters and Headquarters Company
  • 1/34th Brigade Special Troops Battalion
  • 44th Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Company
  • 1st Squadron, 94th Cavalry
  • 112th Military Police Battalion
  • 1st Battalion, 125th Field Artillery
  • 134th Brigade Support Battalion
  • 2nd Battalion, 135th Infantry
  • 2nd Combined Arms Battalion, 136th Infantry
  • 1st Combined Arms Battalion, 194th Armor
  • Webmaster's Choices, the positive side,
    wrapping up our efforts in Afghanistan:

    Red Bulls [1-133 Inf] help protect Afghanistan border
    from "Freedom Watch Afghanistan", April 2011,

    11 Mar 2011, Task Force White Eagle:
    Ghazni women celebrate International Women's Day.

    6 Apr 2011, Task Force Duke:
    Catholic Chaplain (LTC) Joseph Hannon tends to deployed flock.

    28 Jun 2011, Task Force Falcon:
    Aviation Soldiers [and 1-113th Cav] provide humanitarian aid to Afghan girls school.

    18 Jul 2011, Task Force Falcon:
    Nurses join medevac unit under new Army program.

    18 Jul 2011, Task Force Falcon:
    "Junkyard Dogs" keep Apaches in the air.

    25 Jun 2011, Paktika Provincial Reconstruction Team:
    PRT member goes from galley to construction site:
    submarine culinary specialist to PRT engineering administrative technician!]

    Found Elsewhere:

    As we wind down operations in Afghanistan, we bring back from an earlier time, place, and website: "TROOPS" created during our 2009-2010 deployment in Iraq.

    "Col. Corell: The Red Bulls Ride from Iraq to Afghanistan" GX magazine (PDF File)
    [We appreciate very much their permission to present this downloadable feature.]

    The Department of Defense has published an online 'Photo Essay' titled Task Force Redhorse Searches Qual-E Jala Village. The creator is S/Sgt. Ashlee Lolkus, our 2nd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs NCOIC. Task Force Redhorse is the Red Bull's 1-113th Cavalry.

    Another Red Bull connection: The 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team is currently deployed to Iraq as Security Force Brigade for US Forces Iraq / III Corps. The deployed units are the 2-116 Cav, 3-116 Cav, and 1-163 Inf. The 34th Infantry Division provides training and operational guidance to this Idaho National Guard brigade.

    An almost buried story about Company A of the Ironman Battalion and their journey to Combat Outpost Najil: "Red Bulls look back on year ..."

    Other Media and Reports

    Ryder Dispatch: 2nd BCT newsletter collection.
    Iowa National Guard Facebook
    Minnesota National Guard Facebook
    34th Infantry Division Facebook
    1st Brigade Combat Team Facebook
    2nd Brigade Combat Team Facebook
    Red Bull Rising (weblog)


    Featured Items

    Another View of Red Bull History

    'GX - The Guard Experience' magazine has produced a six-page feature, "Mission Focused, Warrior Ready" (PDF) in their Jan/Feb 2011 issue, taking us from 1839 Des Moines to 2010 Afghanistan.

    Author Jason Hall quotes, on the activation of the Iowa Militia for the Honey War,
    "In the ranks were to be found men armed with blunderbusses, flintlocks, and quaint old ancestral swords that had probably adorned the walls for many generations. One private carried a plough coulter over his shoulder by means of a log chain, another had an old-fashioned sausage stuffer for a weapon, while a third shouldered a sheet iron sword about six feet long."
        GX: The Guard Experience:    Copyright © 2011 iostudio, LLC

    Been There, Done That: Some Things Never Change

    "Outpost in the Apennines" by T/Sgt. Savo Radulovic
    Courtesy of the Army Art Collection

    Photo by SPC Kristina L. Gupton
    Courtesy of Task Force Red Bulls Public Affairs

        On the left: This painting by combat artist T/Sgt. Savo Radulovic was created at an outpost in the 34th Infantry Division sector near Loiano (Bologna) Italy in the winter of 1944-45.
        On the right: This photo of SGT Drew Russell, Bravo Troop, 1-113th Cavalry, shows him scanning his sector of fire near Dandarh (Parwan) Afghanistan on 1 Jan 2011.
        'Clicking' on either image will bring up a larger image on a separate webpage.

    34th Division Station List, 9 Feb 1941

    The list of 'Home Stations' for all units of the division, just before it was activated in the Federal Service in 1941, is now online among our History Papers as a PDF file, five pages. The orignal document, here transcribed, was recently found in the Library and Archives of the State Historical Society of Iowa.

    135th Infantry Regiment in World War II

    A new collection of the 1941-1945 histories of the 135th Infantry Regiment is now online and presented in our history section.

    168th Infantry Regiment in North Africa

    A report by COL Thomas Drake, commanding the 168th Infantry Regiment in Tunisia, was recently uncovered at the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum. This was his official report of the actions leading up to the capture of much of the Regiment in February 1943. It is now available here as a PDF file, 6.5 MB, Tunisian Operations, 168th Infantry.

    In accepting Col. Drake's report, Major General Charles Ryder wrote on 1 May 1945:
    "Knowing the conditions, I can only marvel at the gallantry of the 168th Infantry and yourself in the face of overwhelming odds. You and you alone were fighting the entire German armored force of General Rommel and the delay you caused saved the Allied Forces in Southern Tunisia from disaster. Both of you wrote a page in American history for which you can be well proud. The blame for your defeat can only be layed on the shoulders of those who completely failed to come to your support as had been planned."


    Troops in Harm's Way

    We know, from our own experiences in World War II, what it means to lose a fellow Red Bull. To their families, their friends, their comrades of this generation, we will maintain this small remembrance in their honor, in your honor.

    2nd Brigade Combat Team: 2011 Red Bull Fatalities in Afghanistan

    Division Headquarters: 2009-2010 Red Bull Fatalities in Iraq

    1st Brigade Combat Team: 2006-2007 Red Bull Fatalities in Iraq

    "May they have no more hills to climb,
    nor cold, nor rain, nor mud, nor enemy fire,
    and may they now rest in Peace."


    Association Communications

    34ID crest

    National Association
    Communications • News • Notices

    President: COL Steve Osborn
    Secretary: COL (Ret) Russ Bierl

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    •  2013 Dec Membership and Catalog Form (PDF File) 
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    •  National Association Bylaws (PDF File)

    The 2013-2014 Officers and Trustees of the National Association are:
    President:              COL Stephen Osborn.
    1st Vice-President:     LTC Stephen Boesen.
    2nd Vice-President:     LTC Tim Sulzner.
    1 Year Trustees:        MSG Daniel Ewer,
                            LTC David Visser,
                            BG Craig Bargfrede,
                            SFC Ashlee Lolkus.
    2 Year Trustees:        BG(R) Mark Zirkelbach,
                            COL(R) Ron 'Curly' Albrecht, Past President,
                            MAJ Jason Burley,
                            CSM Joel Arnold.
    3 Year Trustees:        CW5(R) Herman Poggensee,
                            LTC Scott Keeley,
                            BG Ben Corell, Past President,
                            SSG Tanner Johnson.
    Secretary:              COL(R) Russell Bierl.
    Treasurer:              LTC(R) Michael Musel.
    Sergeant at Arms:       LTC(R) Jim Berg.
    Senior Historian:       Vet(R) Pat Skelly, Past President.
    Facebook Managers :     SFC Ashlee Lolkus and CW5(R) Herman Poggensee	
    Chaplain:               Chaplain (CPT) Skip Manus
    The association's postal address is:
    34th Infantry Division Association
    7105 NW 70th Ave, Bldg 3692
    Johnston IA 50131-1824

    Commander's Own Chapter (Rosemount MN)
    Communications • News • Notices

    Interim President: MAJ Jason Burley
    Interim Secretary: MAJ Kristen Auge

    The Commander's Own Chapter, with an office at the Headquarters of the 34th Infantry Division is in the process of formation. Meeting and business announcements and newsletters will be posted here as available.

    The chapters's postal address is:
    34th Infantry Division Association
    13865 South Robert Trail
    Rosemount MN 55068

    Council Bluffs Chapter
    Communications • News • Notices

    President: Robert E Wege
    Secretary: Leslie L Jerome

    This chapter, with about forty members, does not publish bulletins. Their members meet at monthly luncheons or dinners. They also host an annual Christmas Dinner.

    The chapter's postal address is:
    Leslie Jerome
    Council Bluffs Chapter, 34th Inf Div Assn
    208 Sylvan Dr
    Council Bluffs IA 51503

    Des Moines Chapter
    Communications • News • Notices

    President: Herman Poggensee
    Secretary: Ken Andresen

    • 15 April 2014 Meeting (.txt file)
    • 2014-2015 Meetings Schedule (.doc file)
    • 18 February 2014 Meeting (.txt file)
    • 17 September 2013 Meeting (.txt file)
    • 18 June 2013 Meeting (.doc file)
    • 16 April 2013 Meeting (.txt file)
    • 19 February 2013 Meeting and Election (.pdf file)

    The chapter's postal address is:
    Des Moines Chapter
    34th Infantry Division Association
    7105 NW 70th Ave, Camp Dodge
    Johnston IA 50131-1824


    This Directory section is still to be reworked. Drive at your own risk.
    Principal Directory of Contents

    End Construction Zone and Icy Links. Resume Prudent Speeds.


    Who Were We?
    WW II Order of Battle - 34th Infantry Division

    • Headquarters, 34th Infantry Division
    • 133rd Infantry Regiment
         100th Infantry Battalion (Nisei)(Separate) [assigned Naples-Foggia, Anzio, Rome-Arno]
    • 135th Infantry Regiment
    • 168th Infantry Regiment
         168th Commandos
    • 442nd Regimental Combat Team [attached Rome-Arno]
         442nd Infantry Regiment
            100th Infantry Battalion
         232nd Engineeer (Combat) Company
         442nd Medical Detachment
         522nd Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
    • 34th Division Artillery
         34th Division Artillery Headquarters and Headquarters Battery
         125th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
            (normally in support of the 133rd Inf. Regt.)
         151st Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
            (normally in support of the 135th Inf. Regt.)
         175th Field Artillery Battalion (105mm)
            (normally in support of the 168th Inf. Regt.)
         185th Field Artillery Battalion (155mm)
    • 34th Cavalry Reconnaissance Troop (Mechanized)
    • 109th Engineer (Combat) Battalion
    • 109th Medical Battalion
    • 34th Division Special Troops
         Headquarters, Special Troops, 34th Division
         34th Infantry Division Headquarters Company
         34th Infantry Division Band
         Military Police Platoon, 34th Division
         34th Counter-Intelligence Detachment [attached]
         34th Quartermaster Company
         34th Signal Company
         734th Ordnance (Light Maintenance) Company

    Other Attached Units

    • Jewish Infantry Brigade (attached Occupation)
    • A Company, 2nd Chemical Warfare Battalion (attached Naples-Foggia)
    • 35th Quartermaster War Dog Platoon (attached North Apennines)
    • 38th Infantry Scout Dog Platoon (attached Occupation)
    • 72nd Signal Company (Special) (attached Naples-Foggia)
    • 84th Chemical Mortar Battalion (attached North Apennines)
    • 100th Chemical Mortar Battalion (attached North Apennines, Po Valley)
    • 105th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) (attached Naples-Foggia)
    • 107th Coast Artillery Battalion (AAA Automatic Weapons) Battalion (attached Tunisia)
    • A Company, 191st Tank Battalion (attached Naples-Foggia)
    • 2nd Battalion, 351st Infantry Regiment (attached North Apennines)
    • 432nd AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (attached North Apennines)
    • 435th AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) (attached Anzio)
    • 443rd AAA Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) (attached Tunisia)
    • 751st Tank Battalion (attached Tunisia)
    • 752nd Tank Battalion (attached Rome-Arno, North Apennines, Po Valley, Occupation)
    • 753rd Tank Battalion (attached Rome-Arno)
    • 757th Tank Battalion (attached North Apennines)
    • 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached Naples-Foggia)
    • 804th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached North Apennines)
    • 807th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached North Apennines)
    • 813th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached Tunisia)
    • 894th Tank Destroyer Battalion (attached Rome-Arno)

    Special Notes

    The 100th Infantry Battalion (Nisei)(Separate), which was assigned in place of the 2nd Battalion, 133rd Infantry, from September 1943 through May 1944, and the 442nd Infantry Regiment (Nisei) which was attached to our Division from June 1944 through August 1944, have an especially honored place in our memories and history. We are pleased and likewise honored that many of their veterans have come to look upon the "Red Bull" as their 'home' division.

    The 1st Ranger Battalion, though not a part of the 34th Inf Div, was activated in 1942 with 80% of its personnel coming from this Division.

    Please be aware, that unit attachments were often for periods of days or weeks, but generally not for an entire campaign.

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