Residential, Commercial And Government Approved Locksmiths

Some think that locksmiths simply deal with car locks, probably because of people getting locked out of their automobiles being a common occurrence. Contrary to the belief of some people, there are locksmiths that also specialize in commercial and residential locks and security.

Modern Locksmiths – Slotenmaker Wassenaar 

With over 20 years of locksmithing experience, Slotenmaker Wassenaar has demonstrated their capabilities without fail, making them among the trusted locksmiths in the indutry. Slotenmaker Wassenaar caters to both residential and commercial properties. Whether you’ve unfortunately lost your keys or locked yourself out of your home or your shop, they will promptly respond to your call and  come to your aid to fulfill your locksmithing needs without damaging your locks. 

In addition to aiding you to successfully gain back access into your home or business in the event you get locked out, Slotenmaker Wassenaar also provides a range of locksmithing services and security advices, such as lock replacement and installation, repair due to burglary damage, and emergency 24/7 locksmith services to name a few.

Government Locksmith Services

In today’s modern society, the locksmithing industry has adapted to the changes that go together with the changing time, thus keeping the industry alive and relevant. Now, locksmiths don’t only unlock doors and traditional locks, or fabricate keys, but also deal with modern locks, including digital locks, as well as work with security systems providing them a range of clients.

Apart from providing residential and commercial properties locksmith services, there are also government approved locksmiths that service the public sector, from all government facilities of varying levels to businesses with  contracts with the government. Besides the basic locksmith services, government locksmiths provide locksmith solutions such as perimeter security, electronic access control, master key systems, as well as CCTV and alarm systems.

For instance, public facilities, given that they are public, need to be for the public to be accessed while concurrently maintaining and monitoring safety and security. Government approved locksmiths service providers understand these. Hence, they have a method in place to assess the risks so as to efficiently create solutions for security, allowing:

  • Easy and safe access to public facilities and areas
  • Safe and secure equipment storage
  • Protection and safety of employees and staff
  • ISO Certified Control of access to areas that are restricted
  • Preemptive maintenance systems and locks ensuring that all security hardware are functioning well and correctly