Many companies and government offices still underestimate the importance of online reviews. Words should have gotten around about their relevance for rankings on Google & others.

Government offices make sure to respond to criticism

Even more important is the immediate response to open criticism. If only to show that the government office cares about opinion and takes it to heart and encourages them to improve. Unjustified criticism should be dealt with factually, confidently, and promptly, otherwise, the negative comments will reverberate.

Another option is to report inappropriate reviews to Google. First, check the relevant support pages on Google to see if the review violates Google’s policies. This is a basic requirement in order to have a chance of success. To do this, call Google Maps on your entry, select the relevant review and click on the small flag. Alternatively or additionally, you can use the appropriate form to describe the case to Google.

If Google does not delete it, the last resort is to consult a lawyer. After all, it is about your good reputation on the internet. However, make sure that the lawyer also specializes in online reviews and has relevant experience. If the comment is defamatory or offensive, legal advice is strongly advised.

Actively collect positive reviews

Online reviews are extremely important to government officials or offices’ reputations. This can also proactively do some things to ensure that it receives positive comments.

The more current and positive reviews, the better. In order to present this in a simple and striking way, there are programs that once integrated into the website – display the average rating at a glance. The opinion master rating tool also awards a seal, which can also be integrated into your homepage. Such a rating seal is advertising in the best sense of the word and creates trust.

Offices can buy google reviews if they want to build trust and reach people.

Constructive feedback and better Google ranking as additional benefits

An advantage of online reviews that should not be underestimated is the immediate feedback that a company and government office receives from its customers. Pointers to possible improvements or factual ideas can be valuable feedback. The customer opinions should therefore be taken seriously in any case. They are constructive in the truest sense of the word.