While industry and government have been putting great efforts in experimenting hybrid-electric and electric vehicles, the JP-8 conventional fuel is still undisputed on the battlefield. However, with regards to technological developments in alternative fuels and batteries, especially of the trends for such today, it could level the status quo.

There are proponents of hybrid-electric and electric vehicles for military purposes say that technology can provide a number of things such as:

  • Even better performance
  • Quieter logistics
  • Stealthier operations and;
  • Lower cost power sources

At the same time, scientists are working on technology that keeps your battery charged so this new breed of vehicles can run and be operational for longer mileage.

Hunger for Innovation

The Department of Defense is on the works of electric vehicles, which is led by the army. In fact, the recently concluded electrification forum drew a lot of project managers, industry, academia and engineers together to talk about the future of electric vehicles.

The forum took place in Troy, Michigan sometime around November of 2018.

The Forum details discussion of the current advancements TARDEC made as of today and to how it can fit in today’s operation. As a matter of fact, the event was the second part in series that continued in the summer of 2019 and culminated new strategies to be applied for continuous development. TARDEC is probing industry on wide variety of topics that do include high-voltage storage and power generation. For years, TARDEC has been diligently working on how it will be able to overcome hurdles that are related to hybrid-electric and electric vehicle technology for the next quarter of a century.

Only Time can Tell

On the other hand, silicon carbide, a wide-bandgap switch could be used for high-temperature applications allowed various organizations to come up with a smaller system and can endure excessive heat. By the time when TARDEC has polished and released their strategy in using other transaction authority agreements in getting new technology, only time can tell how new techs will change the field. After all, we are gradually seeing how these developments are shaping the future.