When we say government, the things that will come up in our minds are governance, social welfare, politics, politicians, people, leaders, ordinance and public service. These words above that are being associated with government are all indeed related.

Government is like a company.  A company with millions of workers, thousands of leaders, one system, lots of objectives, have mission and vision, do corporate responsibilities, and has a continuous monitoring and evaluation. The workers are the people, the leaders are of course the politicians, the system is the way of governance, the objectives, mission and vision being the promises of the leaders for their people and of course those that should already be given even if promised or not, and the monitoring and evaluation as the effects and outcomes of how the leaders govern the people.

The company will work, if the leaders will be able to motivate their workers to work with their hearts  and if the workers will see the pure intention of their leaders for them and the company that could be the State. If the leaders or owners of the company did not handle their workers with grace and care, the people will turn their backs and leave like they did not get anything good. Just like in the government, in our society, people will cooperate to anything the government will be implementing since it is must and if it is believably for the good of everyone. But if the people will have a corrupt leader,  we cannot expect all the people to follow and remain loyal to the system.

Company was just used to have a more shallow image of  what a government should have or must do. A bad government cannot be fixed and saved by a  factoring companies in texas who are know to save companies from debts and bankruptcy.