Hooray for the Canadian military armed forces for now, they’re allowed to wear beards, following the footsteps of US troops. Well, this is given that they could do better on their performance or maintain it. But still, there’s a restriction and that’s the fact that they cannot go full mountain. This move to permit facial hair was made by the Canadian government to give its service members freedom when it comes to their appearances.

The newly appointed rules came after the extensive consultations with the troops which are foreseen to increase the morale of soldiers while attracting new recruits at the same time. It came as neighboring service members to south and pushing more relaxed standards onto facial hair.

Protecting Your Country in Style

US Army Secretary Eric Fanning has signed directive which allows Sikh soldiers in growing beards specifically for religion purposes. The directive has since then interpreted to let other soldiers in doing the same, which includes a solider of Norse pagan faith.

As of the moment however, the rules of the army in allowing beards is for special operations soldiers only and for those who have waivers. Officials have been reportedly studying the odds of implementing a more lenient policy, overlooking at these issues whether scruffy faces may interfere when wearing gas masks.

As a matter of fact, US sailors pleaded for permissions in growing beards. But for now, Navy has high resistance about it, citing concerns regarding proper fit as well as performance of respirators and several other gears. Basically, same concerns in safety are applied in Canada to which under the new rules, commanders might restrict beard growing but, it’s not permanent. In situations to which operations or safety require it, like:

  • Radiological
  • Nuclear
  • Biological and;
  • Chemical

Already in Worked Out

Whether you believe it or not, several safety equipment and gas mask manufacturers have been researching for ways on how they can accommodate these bearded warriors. But Harjit Sajjan, the Canadian Defense Minister, also a Sikh and army veteran has patented special hood for beards designed to work perfectly well with gas masks and to create gas-impervious seal.

With these things said, it’s undoubtedly good news among soldiers to grow beards or to by beard grower from wenig bartwuchs and show their masculinity and power.