Why You Need to Practice Essay Writing if Planning to Join the Military

High school students who plan on rendering military service as their profession, must know that essay writing exercises form a great part of military training. Although protecting and keeping the citizens of the country safe is the core focus of a military career, military trainees have to demonstrate their deep understanding of such a responsibility.

Understanding denotes in depth knowledge of the country’s history, about past failures of governments and threats that had previously caused hardship to the people. As a military personnel, one is also expected to express your views and outlooks by way of essay assignments. Mainly because it is also one way of knowing if you have a balanced perception of the different ideologies affecting the stability of a country’s government.

Application essays have in fact provided sound bases when the Admissions Committee approved your request to become part of the military sector and its academies. Even if your parents choose the best essay writing service reddit 2022 recommends in composing military discourses, it’s only the beginning of the many essay assignments you need to accomplish on your own throughout the entire period of military training.

In our opinion, there are two key factors to practice on, in order to develop one’s essay writing skills. The first is conducting research, while the second is the diligence to practice composing essays about past, present and future events.

Essay writing may seem unlikely as an integral part of military programs. Yet it’s a popular medium that military schools use in gauging a student’s commitment and critical thinking ability in relation to tactical skills.

Students shouldn’t wait until they have entered a military school to make serious efforts to practice essay writing. There are multiple topics that are popular as essay assignments during early years of academic training in a military school. The earlier you are prepared to write them, the greater your chances of standing out as an exceptionally dedicated military trainee.

Popular Themes Assigned as Essay Topics When Joining the Military

How to Join the Military – While this may seem like a cut-and-dried topic, it’s important to take note of recent changes and additional requirements. You can also expound on the changes have improved the country’s military forces.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Military Member – This essay will indicate knowledge of duties and responsibilities of soldiers in different military departments, namely the Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and National Guards.

Advances in Military Technology Military technology has come a long way as this is one aspect that constantly support changes and improvements through the years. While one may not know exactly the new weapons introduced, a discourse can at least the effects of the past changes in global political conditions. Some examples are the latest attempts of some leaders to attaain world domination.

Take a Position of Movements to Implement Military Privatization and Use of Outsourced Military Units – Private armies have become a global issue especially in nations and territories with historical events of military junta takeovers. One way to stand out as an essay writer is to practice writing by taking a position in support or against the practice of outsourcing military services. However, make sure there are logical arguments and not just twisted ideologies supporting the position taken.