Guest blogging is popular in the so-called US military blogosphere, and in small websites with “Write For Us” invitations. Actually known as miliblogs, they represent the modern versions of the personal journals written as diaries by soldiers of the World War I and II events.

Miliblogs however, offer spaces for interactions and for sharing of insights. It became phenomenally influential in the military circle.

Military reports have it that the popularity of miliblogs rose concurrently with the campaigns against terrorism. The soldiers who created and maintained blogs considered them effective as a means of communicating with soldiers of other nations, as well as with other US military personnel deployed in other parts of the world. The miliblogs also proved useful in keeping their respective families informed through shared photos of activities and military life away from home.

About the Early Years of Military Blogging

During the early years of military blogging, military commanders, through the Public Affairs Office (PAO) wanted to maintain control of the content being published in miliblogs. A PAO officer screened the journals, insights, photos and other materials to be featured as contents of the the milliblog before they were published in the military blogosphere. That being the case, miliblogs had limited reach as far as markets are concerned and therefore not so feasible as vehicles for brand marketing strategies.

Fortunately, advancements in digital technology made it possible for bloggers to remain anonymous while appearing in public to give guest bloggers the chance to share their personal adventures, journeys and lessons learned , by posting content as guest bloggers.

Comprehending the Military Blogosphere

When looking for miliblogs in which to contribute guest posts, do thorough research on the most recommended type of content to contribute as guest blogs. The online military blogosphere is already full of content delving on friendships and sometimes rivalries, it might be difficult for one’s content to get noticed. Not unless they delve on interesting news items that could draw spirited commentaries and exchange of opinions.

Bear in mind that when guest blogging in guest-friendly websites, the backlinks embedded in your guest post work effectively only if they are relevant to the niche, which in this case are often military-themed topics.
Adding content about lifestyle products and services being promoted by the guest blogger’s website should therefore have relevance to the aspirations and interests of a military soldier for his wife, or for her husband; or for that matter, for every member of the family. Otherwise, lack of relevance and posts containing mostly promotional content will not be considered as worth publishing in the military blogosphere.