These days, music is sometimes used for training at home. But back in the days, music was actually among the significant and sought-after forms of entertainment. While it may seem to be a funny thing since we are now showered with many kinds of entertainment like playing solitaire online, watching YT videos and so on, music works as an escape from reality to some people back then.

This is true especially for the army corps fighting during the World War. Independent musical activities have sprung across the military lines both to as a way to fight boredom as soldiers are waiting for their next orders and as a diversionary tactic from the stress and onslaught they’re expecting. Because of this, traveling entertainment companies are such a thing back then. These are normally made of civilians who were sent with one thing in mind, to entertain various regiments.

Musical competitions and plays were organized by each regiment. Welfare organizations like the YMCA and Salvation Army whose volunteers given essential services as well as comforting to soldiers offered singing get-together and even impromptu concerts right in their huts or tents.

What’s more, most of the volunteers are actually women. During these times, the role of women at home and at the front changes drastically.

Traveling Entertainment Companies

These types of entertainment companies are frequently featuring wide varieties of acts. All of the acts were rehearsed to the front by using pre-planned route. Because their job was all about entertainment, these companies are targeting large military groups or units. This has resulted to the congestion of entertainers in one place. This as a result has left not much room for other troops but to be scattered across trenches.

Musical Competitions and Musical Plays

Oftentimes, musical plays have comic narratives and the competitions were held by individual regiments to be able to showcase the theatrical as well as the musical talent of its soldiers. Musical comic plays have been proven to be a well-known ground among soldiers. In each and every division that consists of about 30,000 soldiers, they’re combined for the theatrical and musical talent in an effort to produce musical comedy, which is also written by the very men who are in that division.